Friday, October 7, 2011

Nature moments in life

hi everyone i am e the one who sees. i am a photo blogger and i think that, in life there are beautiful moments that are there for a second and the next second they are gone. as a photo blogger, i have the power to capture those moments in life. for example look at these pictures of nature i captured in my back yard.   
the surprising beauty of the inside of a morning glory

the amazing elegance of the dark cosmos

see the camouflaged beauty of nature? i mean the beauty that is invisible at first glance? you can all become seers too.

goodbye for now...... 


  1. Oh man, that morning glory picture is awesome! I love morning glories. You should make a print of it and frame it for your house.

  2. that girl designs, that is a great idea! thanks for stopping by-e, the one who sees