Monday, October 10, 2011

colors in nature

hi e the seer here. as you know, in nature, i have seen so many things. for example, texture. but today i  just need to show you color. so look at these pictures i captured for you:       

a yellow, brownish- greenish leaf i found on the gravel 
the last violet;yellow,bright purple cosmos beginning to wither 

when i see nature,i see a colorful rainbow of greens, reds, blues,etc. if you see this, than you must bee a seer too. goodbye for now... you are becoming seers too...... 


  1. I love what I see in nature. Such vivid colors and amazing textures. I am a seer too.

  2. that girl designs, i am so glad that you can see what i see. thanks for stopping by -e, the one who sees