Tuesday, October 25, 2011

combinations in nature

hi e here sorry i been gone for a long time i had a lot of homework. anyway, i noticed that adding 2 things together created a more beautiful picture its simple really 1+1= great picture here ill show you.
water+spider web=radiance

red leaf + ground+pine needles=
wonderful fall
     see as we seers say, two things are better than one! goodbye....... y0u can all bec0me seers t00.........

All images and content belong to "e the one who sees" son of Deborah Velásquez. Copyright 2011.  All rights reserved.
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  1. I like that 1+1=beautiful picture! Very clever.Nice pics, "E".

  2. Fantastic! I love the water + spider web.

  3. Lovely photos! I will definitely have to try your "2 is better than 1 approach" :)